The healing weeks

I have asked you to create lots of new habits. A new sleep routine, different activities etc. You have been very busy controlling your energy and your life. Preferably things will go automatic by now. I hope that you don’t have to think about it any longer. Get rid of your pacing list and do it naturally. Keep having breaks between activities, not because you have to, but because you enjoy the rest and lowering your heart-beat. I hope you enjoy listening to your body’s feedback after you did something.

Stop thinking about the disease

I have had several relapses and thus as well several periods that all my complaints disappeared. Every time my symptoms vanished it was after a specific type of week(s). In the beginning I couldn’t really put my finger on it. Later I realized I was doing more or less the exact same thing each time.

After a few weeks or months of living in my limited energy, I had to think a lot less about my fatigue and I stopped talking about it. I started to enjoy my limited resources and wasn’t thinking about naps or pacing. I did it all automatically. Then after that period the real healing happened.

Living life to the fullest

My happiest moment-list contains: nature, swimming, sunbathing, music, chatting, no pressure, good foods and letting go of rigid things. Meaning letting go of a rigid sleep cycle, eating some unhealthy foods, but really enjoying it and forgetting about my illness completely. I was really enjoying life as much as possible and no longer in resistance to symptoms but letting it all be. On some days I even forgot about my phone and messages.

I was still resting properly while sunbathing and I felt stress releasing signals. My heart-rate was much lower and I really enjoyed the inner peace and silence. It always felt like the re-invention of peace.

After only a week of enjoying life to the fullest, my symptoms were gone each time. I was enjoying everything, food, weather, friends, nature, etc. A constant state of enjoyment or bliss. After a few weeks or months, they came back when I was engaging in stressful to-do-list thinking. But each time, I was able to have a longer period without symptoms. I have come to understand that a low heart-rate is crucial. Neuroplasticity works great to lower it. I can in my head return to the week that I was enjoying swimming, a BBQ and sunbathing with a good friend.

If you have one of these weeks, keep doing what works! If not, take a break from trying to heal and heal differently.