Telepathy and self-love

Two years ago, when I had just learned the uselessness of thoughts and thinking, I decided to live without thoughts as much as I could. This led me to lots of space and emptiness between my thoughts. There were days where I hardly had any thoughts, but there were also days where I learned many shocking things about others.

One day in 2017 a friend called me back, after I tried to call her before. She said: “Hey! you called me?” I decided to use a comedy trick that I had learned during my years of comedy. In this way, you don’t know what you are saying until the words are already spoken. I used to make the best jokes that way. The problem for me as a comedian was that I couldn’t prepare jokes, because my jokes were only funny when I just made them. Sometimes I produced triple jokes, like three jokes in one. Something that I wouldn’t ever be able to create myself. In these moments I was the last one who laughed, because I was focussed on the performance and had no time to think about or create jokes. Yet it felt like the universe was making the most amazing jokes for me. The jokes were often also very personal, about stuff that I didn’t know anything about. So fast forward to 2017, my friend called me back and I decided to let go and talk about what is coming through. My response was: “Yes, I wanted to check if you have closed the door properly.” At that moment, it felt like the worst joke of my life, yet my friend was astonished.

She just came home during our call, and during our call she found out her door was wide open, and she was confused about it. My response made her believe that I was responsible for leaving her door open, yet I was at home all day.

In the weeks that followed I tried perfecting this skill, and every time, I was spot on. Then I decided to tune into people I know and feel their energies. But then I found out something that shocked me and made me want to stop this practise for now. The people I tuned into were not at all in a nice place internally to put it mildly. It felt like self-bullying. Constantly pushing themselves to be better. Always busy with the next moment and feeling rushed. I didn’t feel any type of self-love, relaxation, peace or things we humans like to experience. During that period I chose to sit on park benches for many hours per day and I tuned into many people that walked by. And on that park bench I have learned a lot about humans in general. When they were in a conversation with someone, their energy was generally better, as they tried to be nice to the other person. But when they were alone, I was shocked about their inner dialogues. Nothing nice and fully unconscious forms of self-hatred. During these weeks I only saw one person walking by, who was not involved in self-hatred. A man who had just retired. His energy was cheerful, he was excited about his new life. I wish that man still feels like that today. I have also learned to identify self-hatred on the physical body. These people who are always moving from A to B usually stare at the ground while their face looks very serious. It was then when I made the YouTube song “Please don’t be serious!”

In the years that have passed by, I have only experienced one person that fully loves himself. This is a friend of mine who seems to have a magic attraction to everyone else. Bert has had a near death experience in his childhood, and now as an adult he really resonates with beauty. Among the many things that he does, he also gives happiness workshops. For the Dutch speaking people on this blog, I recommend checking out his YouTube channel.

I have stopped willingly tuning into other people in the last year, if I ever make it to an advanced society, I would like to start it again. I believe this could be one day our only form of communication. You can directly feel how people feel and what they think. There is no need for any more words. But for now, the people in my surroundings are denying any hint that I make about their inner state. This denial really doesn’t help our happiness, although I understand that it is always easier to put the head in the sand and pretend it is not happening. I believe this will eventually cause illness as it makes us completely shut off the body and let us reside somewhere safe in the mind. Like in the attic of a burning house.

What most people however don’t know, is that they are all carrying that beauty in them. The beauty that my friend Bert resonates with all the time. There hasn’t been a single person who doesn’t have it. I guess one has to find it in himself before you can feel it in others. If you fully love yourself, you’d love the whole world as a result. It sounds corny, I know.

I have noticed this to be particularly true in the area of dating. If the other person doesn’t like herself that much, there is a big chance that after a while this person will go looking for somebody else, and gives a very commonly accepted excuse as, “I didn’t like him that much.” As reasonable as this may sound, it really means that she doesn’t like herself that much. I understand we are not all compatible for a romantic relationship, but by resonating inner love you will love everybody. Imagine the effects that this has on our relationships. I have met some polyamorous people in the last year and it might seem that these people can love others, but even these people were not loving themselves. Maybe a little more than the average human, but even here I have felt the constant looking for something outside of themselves.

When you are near someone who resonates with self-love, you’d automatically feel drawn to that person in the beginning. It will even make you resonate more peace and love yourself, but in order to fully go that way, your shadows have to reveal themselves. Then you have a choice to let the emotions flow or go back to a place where you aren’t triggered. Although it might feel like you are going ten steps back, you are actually going twenty steps forward.

Personally I have experienced a few spiritual experiences of oneness, this is the state my friend Bert talks about frequently. In this state there is no me anymore, no time, no space, just love, oneness and peace. This caused me to initially live without fear and that made me access the path of self-love. For me it is still a path, I don’t know if we can ever fully arrive there as it is something you have to choose every moment. In the book “The intelligent body” Kyle Davies takes you on a journey of self-love and shows you that symptoms of fatigue and pain can be signals of your body that you are not on the path of self-love.