Dancing in the kitchen

September 4, 2023

It was a matter of life or death for me by the time I found Daniel.

I had tried so many doctors and healers, done so many protocols, so many regimes, and none of it worked. Many of these healing professionals re-traumatised me.

Everyone in my life by then – family and friends – had had years to come forward to help me; and nobody came. So I guess I was at desperation point – just about hitting rock bottom… and that’s exactly the right time for something new.

Daniel was a breath of fresh air. He is unique in his approach, and he is different to other healers and coaches in so many ways – he kindof blows your mind.

I was able to clear a lot of the health problems in a matter of weeks with Daniel’s coaching and then with the recovery course. I was very inspired by how he healed himself, and I decided that if he could do it, then logic dictated that I could. The coaching was transformative, and Daniel was able to release physical pain that was killing me in a matter of minutes.

I went from bedbound, not being able to read one sentence in a book, or watch tv at all – to doing 40 minute walks every day and dancing around the kitchen in a few weeks – and I was able to start working after just a few months.

I didn’t realise that being coached in mind and body would allow my whole system to fall into alignment. I still thought when we started that there was something wrong in my body… but now I understand that the body is never separate from the mind (I don’t know why I thought it was – after all, my mind is inside my body – they are one), and the whole system needs to be addressed together.

I loved having coaching with Daniel – there was a lot of laughter, and sometimes some tears as I would release old wounds. It’s incredibly validating to work with someone who has been through the same things – it made me feel seen and heard, and always accepted without judgement.

Not only did Daniel help me recover from ME/CFS – he helped me start to look at life from a new perspective. And once you begin the journey into this healing, life unfolds for you in a beautiful way and everything becomes possible.

Dancing in the kitchen is just the beginning.

Everything is possible.

We just have to begin.

Becky Sharpe

You can do this!

August 9, 2023

I’m doing the programme now for a little bit more than one month and there are absolutely changes. Finally I stopped running from myself and start to listen. I was so savaged! Yesterday I could spend an evening having dinner at a friend’s house in a more relaxed way after three years! I’m so thankful. I also had two coachings with Daniel and in that session I managed to make an connection with my younger self, I wasn’t able to do that before. Daniel is so passionate in what he’s teaching and you can see that in everything what he does. I respect his honesty in his beliefs in how he see things. I love to listen to his podcast, they really resonate and I also think that this I the only way of getting your life on track for the long run. No, it’s absolutely no quick fix and hard work but you’re worth it! Just keep believing in yourself. Thank you Daniel for willing to share all this, so important, information to everybody in this way! This is how we can make an new world.


Excellent program

July 7, 2023

Daniel’s approach is the missing piece for me in my recovery. It explains and addresses a lot of things that never made sense to me, like how I can feel so much better and worse even in the same day. I think it’s a valuable protocol for anyone with or without CFS.

Stephanie McDermott

Thank you Daniel!

June 24, 2023

I’ve been dealing with ME/CFS and fibromyalgia for about ten years now. During this time, I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to heal myself with different programs and people who haven’t offered a fraction of insightful healing that Daniel offers in his program. I personally have a spiritual and emotional orientation to connecting with and healing my body and Daniel’s one of the only people I’ve found who I feel deeply understands that.

He has helped me understand how crucially important it is for me to allow my feelings and to be with them. He’s also helped me learn how to do that after a lifetime of doing everything BUT that.

I’ve only done one private session with him so far, but it was profoundly healing for me and I was able to release a lot of stored pain and fear that was exacerbating my symptoms. Daniel really helped me feel safe to go into some of my deepest pain, and I feel extremely grateful to him for that. It’s clear to me the amount of work he’s done on himself and I appreciate his presence, kindness and authenticity. I trust him very much and would highly recommend him. :)

Adelynn Bergen

Daniel offers crucial information for your healing and provides you all the tools for it

June 16, 2023

Without a doubt, few coaches approach CFS/ME the way Daniel does. Having gone through it himself for years, he can really see where and what to work on. Of course, there are many different causes for CFS/ME, but I understand now that there are almost always (normally unconscious) traumas or repressed emotions involved. As I know now, trauma is not per sé WHAT happened to you, but HOW it made you feel. This is always risky to say because when you mention trauma, people either are not aware, don’t want to know or are too scared to go there. I was in denial at first because I just could not believe how someone could suffer so much because of repressed emotions and how powerful the mind is. But now I just really understand that without this inner emotional work, we will not be able to heal physically.


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