May 9, 2024

I had one session with Daniel and it helped me more than 1 year of psychotherapy. Daniel said afterwards it doesn’t have to be complicated. I found Daniel on YouTube because I struggled with long Covid symptoms. I am pretty far in my recovery but Daniel said my recovery starts now. I am looking forward to release every layer of underlying stress that I carry with me for probably decades. Thank you Daniel that you took your time for me and helped me out.


Learning to be human

April 26, 2024

I am becoming alive for the first time.

I am learning to feel my body and connect with my emotions, I am learning to be human. It is liberating to slowly change from a state of stress and resistance to peace.

I am still in my healing journey and already so grateful for what I learnt through my own experiences in this program.

It is shaping my life in a wonderful way!

The program guides oneself gently through the emotional work.

Thank you Daniel and Valentina!

Franziska Koenigs

Benefitting substantially so far

March 13, 2024

I’m only in Module 10, but I just wanted to comment on the body acceptance meditation. Feels like the biggest warmest hug to my whole being. Thank you Daniel!


Phenomenal guided session

March 4, 2024

I’ve got hyperadrenergic POTS and have been struggling with too much adrenaline all week due to work stress even though I am on medication. I have just done the fear release in module 11 and I’m astonished. I’m calm again. Daniel – that is one phenomenal kit in the tool box to get rid of my symptoms! Just that alone has been worth the money I paid for this course the way I feel right now!

Jo Carver


October 24, 2023

This program is ‘Gem’ for people suffering from CFS. I am a Internal Medicine physician from India and have been suffering from CFS for the last 10 years. I have tried supplements and almost all the evidence based treatments available for CFS. But nothing worked for me. But then i found this program which helped me understand that CFS is not a simple disease which can be cured by a magic pill. Its a state of the Brain which occurs due to excessive physical, mental trauma and stress. It has to be cured by extensive stress release, brain retraining and self acceptance. This has to be done in a phase wise manner as per the modules in the program. A big shout out to Daniel and his team for taking the trouble to put together such a program. This is surely a blessing for all the souls suffering from CFS.

Nawaz Sharif Laskar

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