Resistance or alignment

In my healing journey I decided to observe nature and it was there that I understood the concept of resistance or alignment. Good friends of mine own a few forests that are suffering from droughts and plagues. Their forests contain mostly large spruces and can almost be called monocultures. Trees are currently dying and that is a good thing, as nature has the opportunity to reset itself.

I think I have come to understand the process of nature and it was my advice to my friends to just let the forest do what it does. If they want to speed up the process, they could reintroduce some native species and animals, like wolves and goats or plants like malvia. But in general, nature will take care of itself. We can either be against it, or just let it happen. Resistance or alignment.

resistance or alignment


Your body works as a micro cosmos, everything just happens. There is no authority figure as everything just works. You are not the master of your body, as your heart pumps your blood automatically. Your ears hear what they want to hear and your eyes see what they want to see. Every cell in your body has a purpose and is doing it automatically as long as it is aligned. There are far more foreign cells in your body than there are human cells. Everything works, because it is all in alignment and harmony with each other. If a cell goes rogue and wants something different, it becomes a cancer cell. Instead of working for the whole it is working against the whole.

In the macro cosmos every human being is a single cell of the entire universe. We cannot exist without the other cells. In our journey we travel from total alignment as a baby to resistance and eventually, hopefully,  back to alignment. When we are in resistance, we become cancer cells in the universe. Just like the monocultures we will eventually get ill and die if we don’t change. Death is a good thing as it stops the suffering we experience in a state of resistance.


Although self-rejection and resistance seem to be a good thing at one level, it causes us to be unhappy. Happiness is alignment with the universe. That means a state of no resistance, no self-rejection, no thinking and no strategies. To put it positively, it is a state of connection with self and the universe. It is either going with the flow or going against it. Whatever we choose, nature will in the end reset itself. It is a self-healing organism, just like we are.

The original state

Life is perfect the way it is designed, as a baby you know and feel this deeply. But when we grow up, society sort of beats it out of us. The whole system is based on working hard, putting ourselves down, beating ourselves up and refusing to see the wholeness in it all. In the healing process, we need to return to the original state, a state with no self-improvement. Because ‘the improver’ will never be ‘the improved’. It is similar for a person who always seeks happiness in the future. The happiness will always remain in the future for them, never now.

If a person looks at and thinks about a dying forest or garden, it can tell us a great deal about her mental state. Does she want everything to look neat and tidy, or does she try to recreate balance so that everything will thrive? Does she give up on trying to put her will on the macro-cosmos?  And does that mean she beats herself up internally just like the self-improver who is never improved? When she stops for a second and experiences happiness, does she still believe it was due to her accomplishments?

To stop with the self-rejection state of being, you have to look deeply into your own behaviour and beliefs. Are you willing to change yourself back to your original state, or do you just want the rest of the world to change?

Letting go

Just like your body, the external world also just works if we let it. In a state of resistance, we are actively judging, condemning and trying to control the outer world. We try to come up with laws and punishments that only create the very behaviour we try to avoid. Whatever we change or think we improve, will have negative side effects. Just as there is no president in charge of your body is there no one in charge of the external world. We can give the imaginary power to a government and pretend it is real and enforce ideas with laws. But in the end it is just the fear of letting go. Or is it the refusal to see that everything you enforce is just utter stupidity?

Many of us are bowed down by our coping strategies and negative beliefs and chatter in our skulls. These coping strategies are a way to escape from a feeling that we have. (like not being good enough) Every time we engage in these activities we are trying to escape from our feelings. Running away or fighting against nature and feelings, makes us access the ‘fight or flight state’ of the nervous system. After a while this will give us psychosomatic symptoms, manifest disease and if we don’t come back to alignment, we will eventually die. This is a good thing as a life in resistance is a living hell. Death is a gift of the universe to the unhappy cells. Try again next life.


With many clients I have talked about happiness, as it is a very important part of the healing process. A man becomes very happy during the birth of his first child. A couple on holiday can be very happy watching a beautiful landscape for the first time. The same man doesn’t become happy anymore when his 10th child is born. The couple will cease to see the landscape after the 10th time and don’t experience happiness anymore. What is the cause of the happiness experience in both cases?

They all stop for a second. For a brief moment they are not thinking and figuring anything out. But as soon as it becomes ordinary and normal, they cease to see the beauty of what is. This doesn’t have to be the case, you can be extremely happy at anything in life when you align yourself with who you are. That means that you have to ‘stop’!

To stop is thus to be happy. This doesn’t mean that you don’t do anything anymore. When you are aligned and not in resistance you will have more energy and health to do things. But the things you are doing are a product of joy and not an attempt to find joy or happiness. You have to deeply understand that you and the entire universe are already good the way it is. You will know that you cannot improve anything by enforcing your ideas and will onto something.


Only by loving what is, can you stay in the ‘zone’ and experience love, joy, peace and enlightenment. Enlightenment is then a state of complete alignment in which you forget your imaginary separate personhood and re-become a process rather than a noun. A cell in perfect harmony with the body.

Free will is overrated, a single cancerous cell of your body will kill the entire organism if it does something different than what it is supposed to do. In the meantime the cell will live unhappily, trying to control as many factors as possible. Eventually the cell might realise that its brain is far too limited to consider all the variables of its choices and the stress will sooner or later kill it. In the end you have only one choice, alignment or resistance. Alignment is self-love. Do you love the totality of who you are or have you learnt and adopted limited thoughts of self-rejection?

A coping strategy creates stress and enhances the feeling it is trying to deny. Instead of feeling more worthy and self-loving, you become more miserable by your involvement in these acts of self-hatred. It all starts with a thought, the thoughts created a feeling, the feeling created resistance. You don’t have to repeat these limited thoughts you have learnt in childhood. You can change them with affirmations and looking deeply in your destructive behaviour. A great book to work at the root of the problem is Louise Hay’s book called, “You can heal your life.” There is a free pdf you can download from the self-study section, or you can listen to a free audio-book on YouTube. The book works with positive affirmations to break with old thought patterns.


Happiness is your birthright and the quest to align is the human experience. Healing means literally to become whole again. In my language, healing and whole are even the same word. To heal means to become whole, even with parts of yourself you currently dislike and avoid. In a state of wholeness, happiness is a natural consequence. It is not the emotional smile, it goes way deeper than that. It is a deep feeling of alignment with trust in yourself and in the universe. From that space of awareness, you will cease to desire and give up on your free-will because you already have the ideal outcome of any desire. You will understand that mental thoughts and desires are based on lack and have no actual reality or need in the real world.

From that space, you will realise that in the real world, there aren’t any things, events and persons. It’s all one. There is one organism and one eternal event. The mind likes to cut things up and compare these cuts with each other. When the mind stops doing that, you get out of your own way and healing occurs.

I am not suggesting you should just sit down and let everything happen for you. In a state of alignment, when the outcome of your actions no longer has the same pressure, you can work with nature instead of against it. You can work with yourself instead of against it. You will act upon your personal boundaries as you value the signals that are meant to protect you and live in alignment. Your actions can be inspired actions that bring you closer to your vision and dreams of wholeness.