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The Release program is a work in progress.

Module 11: Renewed

February 11th 2024

This module has been updated. I also added a new guided EMDR release session to release fear.

Module 10: Renewed

January 27th 2024

This module has been updated. I tried to explain the worst case scenario a bit better and added a 6 day journal workbook to discover your worst case scenario. The attachment styles from the older version has been removed and will be added to the coming update of the 11th module.

Module 9: Renewed

January 9th 2024

This module has been updated. I tried to make it clearer and reduce content at the same time. The article about levels of consciousness has now become a blog outside of the program. I also reduced the podcast from 50 minutes to 15. At the same time I made an extra introduction and explained Germanic new medicine a bit better.

Module 8: Renewed

December 24th 2023

This module has been updated

Module 7: Renewed

December 14th 2023

This module has been updated

Module 6: Renewed

December 4th 2023

The old module 6 has been replaced to module 7. The new module 6 is about somatic and has a guided session as well. I will replace module 7 within a week.

Module 5: Renewed

November 18th 2023

I renewed the video’s to make it easier to digest the mindbody connection. There is also a new 5 day workbook to replace the old 30 day workbook. Every module will have its own workbook from now on.

Online safe community

November 13th 2023

I have added a safe online platform, away from big data, where you can connect with others. You can get a healing buddy, share wins, ask questions or see if your question was asked before by others.

Module 13: New

November 12th 2023

This is a new module with 2 very cool but pretty intense release tools.

Module 4: Updated

November 11th 2023


Module 12: Completely renewed

November 3rd 2023

The module will blow you away

Module 3: Completely renewed

November 1st 2023

The module has been updated with newer content

Module 2: Completely renewed

October 20th 2023

I have created new and better videos.

Module 1: Completely renewed

October 5th 2022

Thanks for all your feedback in the past 2 years. It is time to completely update the program, starting from module 1.