My kambo experience

In the amazon lives a poisonous frog, his secretion is said to be medicine in the right dose. A shaman performs heavy rituals with this substance where it feels like you are at the verge of death. Would I be willing to do this? What if things go wrong? And what if life just throws this into your lap as an experience? Would you be willing to participate in this extreme circumstance?

I have come to understand that the flow of life will bring us what we need. Sometimes I have to think about somebody too often, via lots of different ways. As you might know by now, I am a pretty spiritual guy. I have made contact with angels and I believe that they whisper to us some clues. This happened as well with Ien. I met Ien in Sri Lanka while traveling in a very unique way. We talked a lot as we had a connection in our way of being, it was clear to me that I could learn a lot from Ien. I believe that encounters like this one are organized and planned to guide us on our path.

Connecting with my shaman

Ien talked a lot about coping modes and becoming very conscious of one’s own behavior. As I was in the middle of that journey, this was very interesting to me and I decided to listen more and ask her lots of questions. Her perception of coping was interesting and it helped me create my own view on the topic. After a while I noticed lots of tiny circular scars on her shoulder and I asked Ien about the tiny white dots and what it is.

She explained to me that these are kambo dots. With a stick she burns away the skin on the shoulder and then adds frog poison on the skin. She was absolutely excited about the topic, telling me it would create a huge immune response of the body and help us detox from both physical and emotional toxins. Looking at the amount of dots on both her shoulders, she had done this almost a hundred times. I decided to stay in contact with Ien and we switched out our contact details.

We meet again

At home my urge for this Kambo experience soon fainted away. I‘d rather experienced something nicer and I was suddenly in the middle of an emotional bomb that made me relapse. After journaling, I came in touch with my suppressed anger and for many days, my body was trembling by allowing my own darkness. I soon forgot about Ien and the whole Kambo story.

Then, a year later, I had so many thoughts about Ien, and on top of that I suddenly saw Kambo everywhere. Was this a sign from my angels to guide me to the path of becoming even stronger? I was dealing with fatigue in a way that made it almost possible to live a normal life. My inner world was solid and I was waiting for it to manifest in the physical body. In the past I would have often dismissed these kinds of messages, but I had decided not to do this anymore.

The legend of kambo

I took the phone and called her the next morning. It didn’t take long to reach her, and I made an appointment for the kambo ritual. In the meantime I read a lot more about it. It originally was a shamanic ritual to help a shaman heal his tribe in the middle of the amazon jungle. The legend says that many members of the tribe were ill and he couldn’t find a cure anymore. In an ayahuasca hallucination, the answer of frog poison came to him. When he later performed the ritual on his tribe members, he managed to cure them all from the unknown illness.

Of course there are also stories on why you should never do this ritual as it might be dangerous. These stories however came from people who had never done the ritual themselves. This didn’t kept me from being very curious, although there are stories from people who died from the ritual. Looking back at myself after surviving the ritual, I can understand that death is an option if the shaman doesn’t practise it wisely. Personally I am not scared of death, I remember several deaths and it is a very pleasant experience.

Preparing for the ritual

The day prior to the appointment, I had to eat easily digestible foods and avoid heavy nutrition, like meats and fats. I ate soups and other light meals. The next morning I had to drink 2 liters of water and then I was on my way to the kambo ceremony.

When I arrived an hour later I was nervous and it felt as if I had a stone on my stomach. But Ien’s presence was really nice and this feeling soon disappeared. I enjoyed seeing her son again and we were soon catching up memories of our travels. After half an hour we started. She performed the painless burn wounds and placed the frog poison on my shoulder. From now on, it wasn’t called poison but medicine. I was hoping that things will be alright and I trusted in my mantra of “As within, so without”. I was ready.

Extreme immune response

20 seconds later, my body became really hot. I was poisoned by the medicine and my body started an extreme immune response. My face and skin started swallowing and it changed colour from red, to yellow to grey. My heartbeat was very loud in my ears, I became very nauseous and I was waiting to vomit. That was my only motivation to not lay down. Ien kept talking to me, she said I was doing great and lots of other sweet stuff. She made me drink more water.

Lots of toxins are stored in our body, the lymphatic system can transport all our bodily fluids and water of course helps with that. That was probably the reason for the 2 liters of water. After a few minutes I started vomiting clear water with some weird things in it. Ien later explained to me that those things were toxins. Later my vomit had a strong yellow colour and it burned my throat. This was the entire stock of bile from the liver and the gallbladder. The story was that it helps us clean and get rid of old bile that might have things in there that we don’t need.

The entire process lasted less than 20 minutes, I had to take some rest, but I soon noticed that I was alright. I was excited about everything and I felt really light. After having lunch with Ien and her son, she told me how light my presence felt to her, and she was right. I went home 2 hours later and was curious how it would affect me the next day.

Long term effect

Next morning I woke up, and I noticed a big difference. I felt much better and waking up was so much easier. My immune system and nervous system got a hard reset and it was exactly what I needed.

I don’t think everyone is ready for this experience and it also depends on the shaman who performs the ritual and helps you. Ien managed to feel my need for the dose and made it lighter than the average ritual. Maybe I wouldn’t have been strong enough for the normal protocol of 5 spots. Instead I only had 2. My point is that if you are interested in this, you have to let it rest in the subconscious and set an intention. When the moment comes and feels right, only then should you be willing to continue. The wrong moment and wrong shaman could easily be very damaging.

In the days after, I kept feeling lighter and more energetic. I was looking forward to the coming ceremony. I did a few more sessions and after each one I felt better. Thank you Ien, the frog and my angels.

Update: I don’t want to give you false hope in a miracle cure here. I felt great after my kambo sessions. After the second one, I was feeling so powerful and I forgot about pacing in the days after. That caused a tiny setback. Always go slow! I have done 4 sessions in total.


Once upon a time I met a man that ate each day a tablespoon of arsenic. For an untrained human, a teaspoon of this chemical element would be enough to die. He however trained himself to eat it, by pacing very slowly, each day a little more. He told me that there are the same amount of enzymes as there are elements in the periodic table. This means that with the right amount of enzymes, you can digest any natural element.

There aren’t any enzymes for chemical ingredients like fluoride and artificial sweeteners for example. These toxins and others like them, accumulate in the body and can overtime be a heavy burden for the liver.

Have we never been sicker than now?

‘Why did (almost) nobody have chronic fatigue syndrome before the 1980s?’ This is a question Dr Neil Nathan tried to answer at the latest Fatigue Super Conference. I am not able to answer this question fully, but when I try to connect all the dots, I do see that there are so many more toxins in our world compared to 40 years ago.

For the first time in history (as far as they present it to us), the percentage of people with a chronic disease is higher under the age of 60 than above that age. Sperm quality of men is at an all time low. Children have worse eyesight than ever and mental diseases are rising disturbingly. We vaccinate our children more than ever, but despite all our efforts, we have never been sicker than at this day and age.

Our society has also become chronically stressed due to e.g. the internet and a change in business and student culture. Electronic radiation is everywhere. Workouts have also become more extreme and it is our common understanding that muscle aches are great after an exercise. But is the lactic acid that comes with that actually good for you? I don’t think so! I can continue with my observations about the decline in our health and change of society, but let’s observe healthy populations.

I sometimes like  to focus on the so called ‘blue zones’ in the world as well. these are areas where people live longer than in other areas. Researching these zones might be something interesting as well.

I do believe that a toxic purging from kambo can relieve us a little. But you should never attend a ceremony when you are too weak to drive home from one. Build yourself up first!

This article has some scientific research on what kambo is and does.

Update October 2021: People who have taken the covid “vaccines” are discouraged to take Kambo for now. It might give negative consequences due to the blood clots.