Do you want to release your disease?

Healing doesn’t need to be complicated. Experience how practical it can be with a 3-month online course.

Let us show you how

Healing doesn’t need to be complicated. Experience how practical it can be with a 3-month online course. You will learn to heal yourself.

Do you have:
ME CFS – Chronic Fatigue – Lyme – Chronic Pain – Fibromyalgia – Long Covid – Anxiety – Depersonalization – Vertigo – Nausea – Chronic Stress – POTS – Migraines – PEM – Overthinking – Depression – Autoimmune Conditions – IBS – Adrenal Fatigue – Burnout – Etc.

Then you need a Release!


The most empowering moment is when you find out exactly what is causing your symptoms and learn to release the underlying stressor. Suddenly, you feel you are back in control, and the symptoms don’t scare you anymore. You will know you can heal yourself!

We know you can heal yourself

Recovering from a chronic disease is a hard thing to do when we don’t understand the symptoms or when we are looking for answers and solutions in the wrong areas. Becoming aware of when your symptoms increase can tell you where you have to find your personal answers.

Unfortunately, in the recovery jungle full of protocols, diets, opinions, and beliefs, it’s hard to stay with both feet on the ground. We know how bad you feel and how hard it is to find information with your limited energy and lack of concentration. Because of that, we share vital information for your recovery on this website.

The online Release program has all the information you need to heal yourself from your chronic disease. It is extremely practical, and after a short preparation phase, you are ready to experience immediate results and improvements after a proper Release.

  • New habits

    Avoid new stress build up

  • Old stress

    Await old stress to surface

  • Minor tools

    Start with stress release

  • Intuition

    Explore the unconscious mind

  • Prepare

    Prepare the limbic brain

  • Release

    Release stress when you have symptoms

  • Enjoy

    Enjoy your life again

A unique approach to heal yourself

After healing ourselves and working with hundreds of people with chronic diseases, we developed practical tools that help you release the underlying stressors. Through the program, you will understand all your symptoms and know what to do with them.

We have selected the most effective tools, and we will prepare you for lots of powerful releases to get your life back.

Get in touch now

If you feel like you could use some help navigating your recovery journey, send us a postcard to our house, or if you insist, fill out the contact form on this website. You can also find more information on our FAQ page.



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